It looks like Craig is going a great job as Agent 007.  Early into production of his debut movie "Casino Royale", Craig was contracted to play Bond for a following two or three movies (stories differ on how many).  Now in production on his third Bond film "Skyfall", Craig is impressing the producers so much so that they are now in talks to sign Craig for an additional five films, breaking Roger Moore's record of seven total Bond films.  (Sean Connery appeared as Bond in seven films, but "Never Say Never Again" was done outside of EON pictures and is not recognized as an official film.) 

Producer Michael Wilson, step-son of original Bond producer Albert Broccoli, has been producing the series with his step-sister Barbara for the past 13 films,

“Filming has gone very well and I'd love Daniel to surpass Roger's [Moore] record and do eight pictures,"

After news first broke of the possibility of eight Bond films with Daniel Craig, many fans commented that this is proof that Craig has surpassed Connery as the best James Bond in the franchise's history.

Wilson has been very tight-lipped about the current Bond project, only saying that Daniel Craig and director Sam Mendes are working to recapture the feel of the classic 1960s Bond films featuring Sean Connery.