Yesterday, Taco Bell was giving out free tacos because of Golden States NBA Championship win. Part-time Justin was soon to get on this and decided to make it a goal to get as many tacos for free as he possibly could. How? Well, Part- Time Justin decided to dress up in 4 different disguises and even brought 2 different vehicles just in case he felt they were picking up on his car and scheme in the drive thru.

His first disguise was that of a man he calls Lil' Frankie, an older deep voiced gentlemen with a huge afro wig and a neon shirt from the early 90s. Lil' Frankie pulled through though and successfully got his taco.

After quickly parking Part- Time Justin switched his attire and wig to that of his character Rashida. Part- Time Justin describes Rashida as a woman with a very high pitched voice and a fabulous pink wig. He not only changed clothes but also vehicles, the intern filming him let him borrow hers for this round. Not only did Part-Time Justin get his taco but he also got a phone number...Rashida got a phone number.

He then changed into some hippy looking "dead head" clothes to bring his next character Chad out. Again he was successful and got a taco.

His last and final disquise has to be one of the funniest, he became a clown named Flopsy. Unfortunately, while at the window Flopsy's red nose came off, but Part-Time Justin was successful in acquiring his 4th taco.

You Must check out the video and all of the details from this show, Part-Time Justin will have you laughing as only he could!



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