There was not a shortage in listeners who wrote in or callers today with some very strange habits, see if you think they quite possibly are crazy.

The first listener wrote into J-Si after hearing the story he had told about the woman who literally broke her neck just by sneezing. This gentlemen apparently has had a long fear of this happening to himself and every time he sneezes he hold his neck to protect it. Well, Jenna and Kellie did vocalize their strong take on this, and yes they think there's some crazy to it. The main point they made was that it was disgusting to think one would want to not cover their nose or hold a tissue and get their toxic " sneeze juice" all over.

The next lady who called in has a unique habit also, since she was a small child she has habitually squeezed her butt cheeks every time she either jumps over something or has to step highly over something. Maybe that doesn't sound too crazy, but she does happen to be 40 now and still does it. Jenna and Kellie agreed she probably has one fit tush with all of the flexing going on.

The next crazy candidate is a guy who suffers from arachnophobia so badly he actually shoots any spider he comes across.

Check out the rest of the show and see what you think is crazy!



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