Today was the day you will never forget on Does That Make Me Crazy, the  bizarre content and unheard of stories were all over the board, these personal admissions will make your jaw absolutely drop.

Starting off on a "fresh" note a caller named Amber set the tone for all to shortly shuttle on in. Apparently, for years she has had a bit of a phobia about bar soap. Before she even thinks to use the soap she washes the bar a good ten times. J-Si had an experience with soap back in the day when he had a roomie, they all found out he would take the dry bar of soap, any dry bar of soap and rub it all over his body, I do mean everywhere.

I don't feel Amber has any reason for questioning her sanity around cleanliness, but this old buddy of J-SI's has lost his marbles.Can you believe everyone in the house used the same bar also, a lesson for all, individual soap in a dish or body wash with your own sponge.

Every call seems to be getting more and more oddly obscure, would you think you might be a bit off kilter if you had an obsession smelling telephone poles? How about running back over a poor animal already taken down just to make sure there was no question whether it was completely dead or not?

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