If you weren't able to catch the show Monday you really missed out on an inspiring story, if you play your cards right sometimes our biggest mistakes could actually turn into golden opportunities. Big Al hosted a huge party for Kellie, even going to the lengths of having t-shirts, adhesive signs even as large as 3 ft x 18 in, and all of the possible decor one could possibly put together for a party. At Big Al's bar, the McKinney Avenue Tavern, the actual bar is really front and center as you walk in and they did hang a huge birthday sign right above it.

Well, the party went off without a hitch and after the festivities his loyal employees just did as one would expect and started cleaning up and resetting the space for the following day. There was a sign above the top shelf of the bar, and yes home to the "top shelf" bottles of alcohol including a $2500, the wholesale price, of Louis XIV. While taking down the sign the bottle fell and broke, we are talking about a $150 per shot fine beverage that Big Al bought right before New Year's Eve. Big Al wasn't there at the time but arrived shortly after to find his bartender waiting for him at the valet stand when he pulled up. Talk about Man Up, his bartender explained exactly what happened and his regrets. What could Big Al say though, except respect his loyal and honest employee and be proud to have a person like this helping to run his establishment.

What would happen to you if you cost your job $12 million? And you know you’re in trouble when you make a mess up at NASA. Listen to those great calls and more!

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