Kellie’s dear friend has been planning a surprise birthday weekend since December. Kellie had been mentioning that she had wanted a birthday celebration and it be spontaneous so all she would have to do is show up. Well, Kellie’s friend has been working so hard over the last few months to make the wish come true, she even sent out invitations in January. It took a lot of planning and the effort of so many to get this gift together, and make sure and not divulge one word of it.

Finally, yesterday was the day she could unveil to Kellie’s her big surprise, a weekend with 22 of her closest friends in Las Vegas and they would leave next Thursday. She could sense Kellie didn’t really look too shocked about the trip, but she thought at least some of the details had been kept secret. One thing that meant the world to her was that she had gotten the girls and Kellie backstage passes and tickets to see and hang with the Backstreet Boys.

Kellie finally had to confess, that about a month ago she was getting coffee by the interns table and Part-Time Justin so happened randomly to ask her about what fun plans she might have coming up in the near future. Part-Time Justin let the cat out of the bag; Kellie was extremely disappointed when he mentioned that at least she had Vegas to look forward to.

Check out the show and hear more details regarding this birthday trip and all the other secrets accidentally revealed to Kellie.



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