What a nice donation, I am sure this is just a coincidence.

A shipment of bananas arrived in Freeport, Texas already ripe. So officials decided to donate them to the local prison since by the time they would go to market, they would no longer be good. The bananas were sent to the Wayne Scott Unit in Texas' Brazoria County. Sergeants who got in the shipment found a box inside with a white powdery substance.

They called their higher-ups who performed a drug test on the powder. It would come up positive for cocaine. After getting the bananas out, 540 boxes of cocaine were seized. They say if this hit the street, it could have a value of $17,820,000. That is a lot of cocaine that almost went to the wrong people.

The Drug Enforcement Administration and U.S. Customs and Border Protection are both continuing their investigation. I really wanna know where these bananas were supposed to go. Maybe someone knows if they show up ripe, they go to the prison. Such a crazy story and I can't wait til the investigation is done.

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