One of my favorite creatures of urban legend has to be Bigfoot. Maybe because when I was a kid, the monster was featured in an episode of "The 6 Million Dollar Man." Could it be that part of me thinks the idea of a Bigfoot might possibly be a reality?

I know I'm not the only fan. In fact, some people are obsessed with Bigfoot. There are TV shows, movies, news stories, articles, websites, and much more dedicated to the mysterious beast. There are scientists doing research to find out the truth. Witnesses have had sightings throughout the world.

Bigfoot Sightings In Illinois

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization has set up a website to give you the locations of all sightings. It includes Illinois and the Rockford area. For a better idea of where the creature has been spotted close to us, I've provided a labeled map.

More specific information on local Bigfoot sightings, according to the BFRO.

  • 1929 Elizabeth, Illinois - "This community was engaged in a great gorilla hunt. Posse of farmers searched the countryside for a huge Simian."
  • 1965 Oregon, Illinois - "The witness and his mother could hear the animal walking back and forth behind the trailer while it continued to scream. The animal hit the sides of the trailer four or five times."
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  • 1994 New Milford, Illinois - "Area near the Kishwaukee River. Very dense forest area within a couple of hundred yards. Figure DID NOT look like a big hairy ape, very tall, slender, and very large eyes, color appeared similar to a local deer. It was hiding behind a tree watching me."
  • 2003 Pearl City, Illinois - "The animal was about seven and a half feet tall and weighed 350 and 400 pounds. It had a muscular build with huge shoulders. The head was large and somewhat pointed towards the rear. The witness was able to follow the footprints. They were between sixteen and seventeen inches long."
  • 2008 Algonquin, Illinois - "The witness stated that his sighting was about a mile north on the Prairie Path from the parking area. "The animal was about eight feet tall and weighed over 300 lbs."
  • 2010 Dixon, Illinois - "Large unknown bipedal animal was seen possibly chasing deer near Dixon. Then later witness was walking the dog in the woods and found a huge piece of poop with fur in it."
  • 2011 Kane County, Illinois - "Long trackway of prints came down a rural driveway, into the woods. They were of greater length than sixteen inches. The distance between each footprint and did not think a human could step that far between each step."
  • 2013 Lake of the Hills, Illinois - "Nighttime sighting by the homeowner. The animal was 7 to 7 1/2 feet tall, muscular, and was grey-blackish in color."

For more details about these Bigfoot sightings or more in Illinois, click HERE.

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