Time for the last Cowboys fun facts of the season. Wish I was doing another one next week, but not happening unfortunately.

Pride is the only thing on the line on Sunday. The Eagles have already clinched home field advantage and the Cowboys have been eliminated from playoff contention. However, the Cowboys are hated in Philadelphia and those fans would love to whoop up on the Boys before heading into the playoffs.

The Cowboys have faced the Eagles more than any other opponent in the NFL. They have 65 wins against the Eagles and they have only beat one other team more than them. That would be the Redskins with 70 victories. Dallas and Philadelphia have met in one Wild Card playoff game, two Divisional playoff games and an NFC Championship game.

The Cowboys once had a pretty epic win streak going against the Eagles. From 1967-1972 the Cowboys won eleven straight against the Eagles. That is the second largest win streak against one opponent in Cowboys history. The NFC East has been up for grabs 48 times, Dallas and Philadelphia have won it a combined 29 times.

What would a win mean on Sunday? Sadly, no playoff implications. It does mean a winning record for the Boys in 2017. It would give Dallas 200 wins overall against NFC East opponents. The Cowboys would go 5-1 against the NFC East and boost the overall record to 200-72.

The Cowboys would finish their road record for 2017 at 6-2. The Cowboys last game of the season record would improve to 25-33 and 12-23 on the road. Up Dallas’ record in season finales against Philadelphia to 3-4 overall and 1-2 on the road. Finally, put their NFC record at 7-5 on the year.

No matter what happens on Sunday, I will be tuned in next year like always. Kickoff is set for noon Sunday and pregame will start at eleven in the morning. You can listen to every Dallas Cowboys game on NewsTalk1290 here in Texoma. As always, Go Cowboys!

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