Our thoughts are with his family at this time.

Ryan Hansen of Azle, Texas was killed in a strange accident Saturday morning. Ryan was on his way to work when he noticed one of his tires seemed a little low. Ryan asked his stepson to go grab the tire gauge from inside the truck. When his stepson got in the truck, the tire exploded.

Ryan's stepson was not injured, but Ryan got hit in the head by the explosion. He had traumatic head and facial injuries. He was taken to the hospital and died there. "It was a horrible accident," Ryan's brother David Perkins said. "I've never seen a tire do that in my whole life."

The family wants the tire investigated to see if it was somehow faulty. Perkins said his brother will be remembered for his dedication to the three children who belonged to his ex-girlfriend, but whom he considered his stepchildren. He and his ex-broke up five years ago, but he still made a point of keeping the kids in his life, Perkins said.

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