If you have never checked this thing out. It is a must visit for all Dallas Cowboys fans.

Anything to do with the Dallas Cowboys, I am all about. Nobody believes me when I say this, but if the Dallas Cowboys did not training camp back in the day in Wichita Falls. I would have never lived here. That is how much of a die hard fan I am. So anything to do with the Cowboys in our city, I am all about.

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Something very cool that will be in Wichita Falls on August 27th will be the Cowboys Hall of Fame truck. If you have never seen this thing, it is basically a mini portable version of the Dallas Cowboys Hall of Fame. It has the Super Bowl trophies and rings. Tom Landry has his own display, statues of Bob Lilly and my favorite Dallas Cowboy of all time, Emmitt Smith.

You will be able to check this out Friday, August 27th at Market Street here in Wichita Falls. It will be setup from 10 am to 3 pm in the parking lot. If you're a diehard fan like myself, go check it out. I wish we could get the Cowboys to come back for a training camp in Wichita Falls. Sadly, I don't think that will ever happen again. I can hope though, right?

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