That beaver is gonna sue you if you try to infringe on their territory.

There's a handful of things you don't talk bad about in Texas and one of them is Buc-ee's. I have to admit, I am a fan now as well. I always want to stop when I see one. You can argue whether it's good or bad, but I have two guarantees with Buc-ee's. Clean bathrooms and plenty of gas pumps. Plus, some amazing food, but those trips inside do add up.


Buc-ee's has established a brand here in the Lone Star State and it looks like someone maybe trying to infringe on the Buc-ee's name. Over in El Campo, Texas we have Buky's. It's apparently pronounced the exact same way as the gas station we know and love. They have two locations in Texas, but I can only find a website for one. The owner claims it was a nickname he had as a kid and that's why the store is named that.


Buc-ee's is suing Buky's (God this is confusing) for several trademark infringement counts, trademark dilution and violation, several unfair competition and false designation counts, and unjust enrichment.

The lettering does look similar in both logos in the photo the Houston Chronicle posted above. We will see what will happen in the lawsuit. Buc-ee's has already won a similar lawsuit with a place that was clearly trying to rip them off. Instead of a beaver, they used an alligator.

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Pro tip for life. Don't mess with Texas and don't mess with Buc-ee's

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