Texas Pete isn't a real Texan?!

Throughout the years we have heard of these false advertising lawsuits making headlines. Probably the most famous was the Red Bull lawsuit. As we all know their tagline, 'Red Bull gives you wiings'. Well, it has been proven that drinking Red Bull does not actually give you wings and they were sued for false advertising. They had to pay out 13 million in refunds due to the lawsuit.

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Looks like another one of these lawsuits is about to get going involving hot sauce Texas Pete. Phillip White lives in California and not too long ago purchased a bottle of Texas Pete hot sauce. Now Mr. White claims he bought the hot sauce because he believed he was buying authentic Texas hot sauce. Turns out Texas Pete is not a Texan, the hot sauce is actually made in North Carolina.

The class action lawsuit, filed on White's behalf by The Clarkson Law Firm, alleges that the makers of Texas Pete "knowingly and intentionally (capitalize) on consumers’ desire to partake in the culture and authentic cuisine of one of the most prideful states in America" through "false marketing and labeling."

Mr White claimed he would have bought a cheaper hot sauce if not for the false name on the bottle. I am actually shocked, but Texas Pete's company has actually released a statement on the lawsuit.

"We are aware of the current lawsuit that has been filed against our company regarding the Texas Pete® brand name," a spokesperson for the hot sauce makers said in response to a request for comment via email. "We are currently investigating these assertions with our legal counsel to find the clearest and most effective way to respond."

Could we all be getting some free bottles of Texas Pete hot sauce? I guess we will have to wait and see. This just goes up there when you found out that Chuck Norris (Walker Texas Ranger) was born in Oklahoma.

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