So this whole thing sounds a little like something from a high-stakes cyber crime movie.

Apparently back in November the FBI brought down a ring of hackers in a move deemed "Operation Ghost Click." The hackers had set up a legitimate front company with a complicated series of false DNS servers - hang with me here on this one - Once the hackers had infected a persons computer, they would re-rout their internet access through their servers and then have the ability to send you to whatever site they liked. With the hackers holding the controls of your internet access, they could then start directing you to fraudulent websites to collect your personal information or all sorts of other things.

When it broke up the hacking group, the FBI put some "clean" servers in place of the bad ones so that the hundreds of thousands infected wouldn't loose internet access. The final stage is "Operation Ghost Click" is to take those servers offline. This means that those still on the FBI's servers will loose internet access if they don't follow a few simple steps to make sure their computer is properly re-routed back to the internet. The servers are scheduled to go offline Monday, July 9th, so you'll want to run a quick check on your computer this weekend.

To find out if your computer is infected and relying on the government servers to access the internet, visit and follow the simple instructions. The test is immediate and doesn't require you to download any programs to your computer. This is because the test isn't looking at anything on your computer, but rather how your computer is routing to the internet. For more information about the infection, the Government response, and how to clean your computer if infected, visit