Last week, 33-year-old Christopher Rolling Fox of Winslow, Maine drunkenly busted into his ex-girlfriend's house to confront her, because he thought she was dating a new guy.

He turned violent, hit her, and pushed her into a table. Somehow she was able to grab the best weapon available - a pair of Nunchuks.  It's not clear why she had them, but she had them.

She used the nunchuks to hold him off, at least temporarily.  From his mugshot, it looks like he took a shot to the head.  Then she was able to get away and call 911.

Police came and arrested Fox on a ton of charges, including two felonies.  He's looking at a maximum of 13 years in prison.

I actually have a pair of Nun-chucks, hopefully no one busts into my house. I will gladly go Michelangelo on their butts. I would probably end up hitting myself in the face.

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