Going viral as quickly as possible, a video from Golden Corral employee Brandon Huber has quickly placed a blemish on the image of the restaurant chain.  Uploaded on July 1st, Huber's video exposing unsafe food handling at the Golden Corral in Port Orange, Florida has already reached over one million views.

In the video, Huber identifies himself and the Golden Corral location he works at, saying the restaurant is currently being inspected and he's taking this opportunity to show how his employers store food for an inspection.  Opening the doors to the dumpster area, Huber's video shows uncooked hamburger patties, uncooked ribs, and other food out in the open next to the dumpsters,

This hamburger meat, look at all these flies, this is disgusting, all this food, all these baby back ribs.  Let me get a little closer and show you just how disgusting this is. All you can eat ribs by the Dumpster. All you can eat ribs by the Dumpster. Green bean casserole, all your patty melts, your pot roast meat, your chicken, your ham, your bacon, gravy.

Just a few hours ago, Golden Corral issued a statement regarding the video, confirming its validity,

A video was recently posted showing an incident of improper food handling at our Port Orange, Florida location. None of these items were served to a single customer. All were destroyed within the hour at the direction of management,

Brandon Huber, the employee who made the video, participated in the disposal of the food. The following day, the father of the employee, posted an offer to sell the video for $5,000, which was not accepted,

The statement went on to add that the manager involved with the incident had been terminated.

via NBC News