We're all familiar with the term "Mother-In-Law House", those little bungalows in the back yard where you significant other's mother can stay when she comes for extended visits. That idea has been expanded on to include a new term, "Granny Pod", and it's just what you think it is.

As parents age they frequently reach a point where they can't live by themselves any more. Assisted living spaces and nursing homes are options, but the idea of a Granny Pod in the back yard is a potential game-changer. These tiny little houses, about 500 square feet or so, usually fit into the space of a typical detached garage and provide Granny, or Gramps, all of the privacy of living on their own, but with family and grandchildren only a literal stone's throw away. Some of the more expensive plans even include technology to remind the occupant when it's time to take medication and closed circuit cameras in case of a fall.



While some of these are quite expensive, we're pretty sure some of the container building places around Wichita Falls could do one up for you exactly the way you wanted it.

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