To celebrate the unofficial holiday of 4/20, the Bowie Police Department took to Facebook to offer "prizes" to people who think they have the most marijuana.

Earlier this afternoon, the Bowie PD posted to their official Facebook page:

To deal with the obvious first, you'd have to be pretty high to not see this as being a joke.  However, the humor wasn't appreciated by some, accusing the Bowie PD of wasting resources on a Facebook joke rather than actual crimes,

Hilarious!!! Instead of wasting tax payers time and money on social media why don't you actually get out and find out who burglarized a life long resident's home FOUR times right in the heart of Bowie, TX?


While some have a perpetual stick up their rears about a police department having a sense of humor, other's expressed their appreciation for the PD's joke,

Personally I'd rather have a pd with a sense of humor than citizens that don't appreciate what our pd does. I've never had an issue with our pd and I support them completely. God bless our officers and all other first responders!


I love how y'all are "wasting tax payers money". Tell me how much of our money you wasted on the 30 seconds it took to post this and I will come pay the city for it so everyone can stop bitching!! And maybe the rest of them can go buy themselves a sense of humor.


If you took offense to this simple, and quite funny, joke by the Bowie PD, maybe smoking a bowl wouldn't be the worst idea for you. Just saying.

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