An Oklahoma City restaurant is showing Wichita Falls some love. 

Earlier today I was scrolling around Facebook and I happened to spot a photo that my friend snapped at a restaurant. Jim's Famous Chicken in Oklahoma City has something they call Wichita Falls Sweet Tea.

Wichita Falls Sweet Tea (photo credit: Jake Demke)

What?! A sweet tea named after our city exists? I was not aware of such a thing.

I know we love our sweet tea here, but I didn't know we were famous for it. I thought we were famous for steak on garlics and red draws. I decided to do some investigative journalism and find out what this is all about. I hope my MSU teachers are excited about this.

I gave Jim's Famous Chicken a call and got the story behind this.

Jim Moore is the original creator of this restaurant and he sold it to a man named Brent Swadley. Brent apparently lived in Wichita Falls and loved the sweet tea at a certain restaurant in town. Unfortunately, who I talked to did not know the restaurant. Brent got the same type of tea they used and asked them how they sweeten it so he could make it the same way.

Brent brought this to OKC and used it in this restaurant chain. Jim's Famous Chicken has two locations in Oklahoma. One in South OKC and Nicoma Park. I actually go up to OKC for some Mavs versus Thunder games. I may need to make a stop at this place.

Here are a couple of their commercials: