What if we acted like babies? First of all, it would be an incredibly entertaining world. Second of all, we would probably have a bunch of nakedness. I really enjoy watching Cason learn things… check that, I really enjoy watching Cason learn certain things. Lately, homeboy has learned that he can manually take his own diaper off. All he has to do is pull on those velcro straps, and boom! Game over. Why wait for mommy and daddy to change your diaper, when you can take it off yourself, and then pee on the floor. Why not wait to pee in the diaper before you take it off? I don’t know, I asked Cason and he just babbled, smiled, and looked down at his pee pee. People are telling me that this means he is ready for potty training. I beg to differ. We can barely get him to listen to us lately when we ask him not to throw his food, or touch my playstation. Best tip I got: use duct tape! Genius!

Wish me luck with our trip to Tyler, Tx today. Sleeping-in-the-car!You never know what you are going to get when you mix Jenna, Kellie, and Shanon. I am planning on bringing a pillow, a blanket, and doing some sleeping like a champion, since Kinsey and I have slept about 4 hours the last couple of days due to Cason’s growing and teething pains. Don’t mind my snoring :)