Kellie's closest girlfriend Amy has taken months trying to plan the perfect birthday surprise weekend in Vegas and it sure did prove to be up there as one of the best. Kellie and Allen arrived Friday after the other girls, who had been there since the night before. Kellie just knew when they pulled up the 22 friends of hers and Amy's would be greeting them with a drink and a happy happy birthday. Well, it seems most of the girls were out by the pool relaxing after a long first night in the big city, but all was great and the night that she had to look forward to was absolutely spectacular.

The Backstreet Boys debuted about the time Kellie joined Kidd Kraddick and she has been a die hard fan ever since. Yes, she has admitted her favorite of this cute group was in fact Howie D, maybe not the traditional fan pick but she always had a crush on him. The ladies went to the meet and greet, but even prior to that he came over and said hello, also telling her that he had staples in his leg from a few days prior so he might not be able to preform as he had hoped. They got their VIP passes on the 2nd VIP level and Kellie's wish though, came true. Another fan kept thinking the boys were talking to her and gesturing when Howie specifically came over to Kellie with a Rose and despite his injury got on stage preformed with kisses and all for his dear Kellie. Howie even gave a shout out for his birthday girl, Kellie! I would say she had the birthday of a lifetime, Allen was there just didn't take part in the all girls events, they even talked about Eloping.. Not for them though!  Check out the show and all of the juicy details and be part of this fun and memorable time for Kellie!

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