What To Do With My Ex’s Jewelry?

Kellie is our resident love expert and she gives amazing advice,there has always been this universal question it seems when it comes to what is considered proper etiquette regarding most specifically, jewelry. After a break up, I really feel unless you as a couple purchased some pieces together anything else should go to the person for whom they gifted it to initially. I am meaning pieces like watches, necklaces, and maybe some other miscellaneous trinkets or small tokens, I do feel like wedding bands and engagement rings fall into a different category though.

Is there a universal rule when it it comes to holding onto your wedding bands?. Some people might have financial needs for selling them, or truly no interest in keeping them while others I also hope cherish the memory and the one gift they might never receive again.

Our love expert Kellie has the perfect advice for us on this controversial topic, it might really open your heart and eyes to a perspective you might have not even considered . Another listener wrote in,this dilemma is one i feel at some point in time we have all been able to identify with. Kelli, please help me understand why I am ALWAYS single!

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