This guy’s gonna need some dental work.

It blows my mind that people still attempt the “Milk Crate Challenge” even though there are countless videos of people jacking themselves up royally while trying it.

Sure, many people have conquered the challenge and walked away unscathed, but all it takes for me is to see a guy snap his leg in half or a lady taking a mean header to keep me from going down that path.

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But, if people are going to keep trying and failing, others are going to continue to have a laugh at their expense.

The latest example of why you should never, ever attempt the “Milk Crate Challenge” is this video of a guy successfully making his way over the top crate before the crates begin to falter below him.

I bet he thought he had it made for a split second there. But as is the case with so many of these challenge fail videos, things quickly fell apart, resulting in one of the worst faceplants I’ve ever seen. And that's saying something, because I've watched a ton of skater fail videos over the years.

Now, when it comes to these sorts of videos, the replies rarely disappoint and this clip is no exception. Here are some of my faves:

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