"How bad can child birth be?" said no man ever. We know that it is painful, someone decided to make a machine that simulates pregnancy. Their is no way a man designed this machine.

Two men visit Dr. Julie Masters, who places electrodes on their abdomens to simulate the contractions experienced in labor. Before the simulation begins, as Dr. Masters explains what's about to take place, one of the guys even says, "That sounds fun!"

Then the simulation starts. Each man groans, hisses and moans as the constant pain continues. The two men's wives are in the room during the simulation, and they try to coach them through it. The men try to breathe through the pain, but eventually just give in to it and surrender to the process. One guy notices that his wife seems to be enjoying his misery, and he tells her to "stop smiling."

I do not think I could ever do this, I know it hurts ladies. I thank myself every day I am guy, so I would never have to go through pregnancy. I am worried enough about my future wife squeezing my hand and breaking it.

Watch These Two Men Experience Child Birth Below: