Mother Patricia Krentcil of New Jersey was is in some hot water after allegedly letting her daughter bake along side her in a tanning bed.

The little girl suffered burns and Krentcil was charged with child endangerment. However, Krentcil insist that the burn the teacher noticed was from the child playing outside in the sun, and that her daughter was in the tanning booth - but never the tanning bed.

Story is the girl told classmates she went “tanning with Mommy.” The girls father thinks that a school authority must have overheard the girls comment and notified authorities.  Rich said, “It was 85 degrees outside, she got sunburned. That’s it. That’s all that happened.”

To be honest I haven't really looked much into the research of how harmful tanning is or isn't for your body, but if it means that you grow up to look like Patricia Krentcil as pictured in this video, maybe she should be indicted for taking her daughter. I mean that's just kinda creepy. Check out the clip and judge for yourself!Be sure to chime in with your comments below as well on what you think of this mother. Is it perfectly normal to bring your kids along to the salon, just like any other errand - or do you think the authorities allegations are true and this mother is clearly in the wrong?\

Watch a newscast about the mom accused of putting her daughter in a tanning bed: