To me, this is creepy.  But maybe you think your family will want an exact replica of your severed head to display after you die.  If so, you won't find this creepy at all. (????)

There's a company called Cremation Solutions that can make an URN that's a 3-D replica of your head, or the head of a loved one.  That way, you can make sure your family always knows you're watching after you die. You don't, after all, want them to get out of line.  I mean, could you imagine a widow being able to get it on with your head staring at her.  NO WAY!  Relatives squandering your fortune after you demise? Not with a life-like severed head in your likeness looking on! Absolutely no need to worry, unless of course they stick you in the attic to look at the duct-work and spiders for your entire afterlife.  In that case, a full-blown haunting may be the way to go.

Apparently, it's relatively easy for the company to make the urns.  All they need is a few photos, no measurements or anything.  The urns sell for $2600.  However, that is a VERY small price to pay for the ability to creep out friends and loved ones for years to come!