Sometimes you need to send a message, but an e-mail just won't work. But, what are you to do when a letter or a postcard just won't cut it either. Welcome to the world of Potato Parcel! will take your message, write it on a potato, and send it to anyone. Imagine the feelings your friends will have when they not only receive a nice, meaningful, message from you but can then cook that message, add a little butter and sour cream, and have a delicious meal!

Right now, the site offers 2 ways to send your message. The Large Potato can have up to 140 characters and cost $9.99 to send. The medium spud will fit up to 100 characters and cost you $7.99.

The company, based out of Denton, TX, doesn't give a lot of info on their site, but really what more do you need to know? You have a message, they have a potato...end of transaction.

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