Warning: Song contains NSFW Language

It's officially Autumn and this year more than ever the nation is divided. There is one issue above the rest that is keeping us all separated. No matter which side someone falls on, they won't won't be swayed away from their beliefs. That issue...pumpkin spice!

You can't get on social media right now without seeing the hashtags starting to trend. Before the leaves even have started to change, a familiar flavor was back in our coffee cups. Pumpkin Spice Latte time has arrived and the divide has been drawn. This is either a blessing or a curse, with no middle ground.

Which ever side of the divide you fall on, this new video from theChive will definitely make you feel #Blessed. It's the pumpkin spice latte gangsta rap that may finally unite the two sides of the pumpkin divide.

So, either put on your Uggs, grab your selfie stick, and get ready to Instagram that pic of you flashing gang signs or drink your plain coffee while pontificating to your social group about the #Basic girls and their obsession with the trends of flavoring. Either way, this song will fully articulate the major issue facing America today.

It's #PSL4Lyfe this time of year. Pumpkin Spice Lattes for life!