The Texas heat has everybody fired up these days. 

Not that it has to be hot for a bunch of drunks to throw down in the streets of Austin, but it certainly increases the possibility of tempers flaring. And tempers were flaring big time on 6th Street back on June 17. 

Admittedly, the two brawls shared by Texas Street Fights TV are among some of the tamest I’ve seen in recent months. But they’re still entertaining, nonetheless. It’s not like I didn’t click on it, you know? 

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The first clash features a few ladies stripping each other’s clothes off while rolling around in the street. Don’t worry, it’s been blurred so you and your friends at work can point and laugh while safely enjoying a moment away from work.  

The other brawl involves a couple of gentlemen and a lady having a disagreement. Unlike the ladies in the other clip, they all manage to stay on their feet until a cop deploys a healthy dose of pepper spray, putting an end to the action. 

That’s it for today’s entertainment. I’m sure I’ll see you back here soon. Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my years of creating content it’s that there’s no shortage of people willing to throw down for the cameras and the rest of us will take a minute to watch it.

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