This little mouse is getting a lot of love on YouTube, and he’s not even awake for it.

The Surrey Wildlife Trust in the UK posted this video of a sleeping dormouse about a month ago and the off-the-charts cuteness factor of this little guy has earned it more than 146,000 views and counting.

The group has been monitoring the dormice population since 2002 and captured this video while team members were on a routine nest box check. They took the hibernating dormouse out to weigh and measure it and its seasonal sleep was so deep that nothing the licensed mammal experts did during their inspection woke it.

According to the group, the dormouse will hibernate until the temperatures warm up in the Spring, when he’ll need to replace the quarter of his body weight lost during his long Winter’s nap. Watch the cute little guy sleeping below. Shh! Don’t wake him. Be quiet as a, uh, mouse.