Octomom has been making headlines for years, but in the past few months she’s really come into the spotlight for topless photos and her self-pleasuring porn video. A while back it was reported that she would be doing a nude stint at a strip club in Florida, but that gig was cancelled, and now that club and another club are fighting over the rights to feature the mother of fourteen.

Nadya Suleman was originally slated to appear at T’s Lounge in West Palm Beach. Reportedly Suleman backed out of the agreement because one of the bartenders was talking trash about her and her kids, so she never signed the papers.

Now Octomom has her sights on another club, this time at The Playhouse South in Hollywood, and T’s Lounge will have none of it. T’s Lounge is claiming that they have the rights to Suleman’s first performance, and they’re taking it to court.

Having the infamous mother take off her clothing is probably a lucrative business for whichever club she ends up at. Public interest in Suleman has peaked lately, even if it’s morbid curiosity. Chances are that her dancing would be a cash cow, even if it looked like a train wreck.

I can’t weigh in on the legality of her situation because I’m no lawyer, but it would seem that if she never actually signed a contract, it should be smooth sailing. On the other hand, T’s Lounge has likely spent money on advertising for the event, and they may seek to recoup that loss.

Would you go to watch Suleman bare it all? Or would you go simply to say you saw her taking it all off, live?

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