The state of Colorado saw quite a bit of growth in its infancy back in the mining boom days of the 1800s. In fact, an influx of people led to it officially becoming a state in 1876 thus the nickname 'The Centennial State' came into fruition.

Because of Colorado's rich history, especially around this period of time, the state still has a lot of evidence of this period of time and the people who lived here in many forms, including cemeteries.

One of Colorado's oldest cemeteries, the Silver Cliff cemetery near Westcliffe, is not only full of history but is also said to be extremely haunted. In fact, when you hear about this particular cemetery, you typically hear about two recurring themes - glowing gravestones and dancing orbs.

Colorado's Haunted Silver Cliff Cemetery

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If we go back to the mining boom of Colorado, we begin hearing tales of unexplained phenomena from the Silver Cliff Cemetery, notably from miners who used the cemetery as a shortcut while en route to the town from the mine after a day's work.

Miners from this time period reported seeing things like dancing orbs of all colors, though primarily blue, bouncing around gravesites. In addition, numerous instances of graves that appear to be glowing were reported from around this time as well.

Let's fast-forward to modern times where similar events have been reported all these years later. In one of the above videos, you'll find a couple of ghost hunters from the YouTube channel Ghost Dose that encountered what they believe to be two different spirits.

One of the spirits is thought to be that of a man named Fink, a college student who attended UCCS in Colorado Springs and fell to his death while hiking. Another, likely older spirit named Dorothy also makes an appearance during the ghost hunters' exploration.

Take a look at one of Colorado's oldest, and reportedly most haunted cemeteries, the Silver Cliff Cemetery near Westcliffe:

Tales of Dancing Orbs + Glowing Graves at Old Colorado Cemetery

One of Colorado’s oldest cemeteries is known for stories of dancing orbs and glowing headstones dating back to the 1800s.


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