Alright this is too weird not to do dig into so let's see what is going on at Magnolia Cemetery.

So over the weekend a post on Reddit went viral from right here in Texas. Someone shared the Google Street View of Magnolia Cemetery in Katy, Texas. The poster claims this is the cemetery where their parents are buried at and they found this Google Street View of the cemetery.

Skeleton Driving Around the Cemetery

the google street view of the cemetery my parents are buried at
by u/_katykakes in Unexpected

Now obviously, I would think this is some weird timing for the Google Street Car to be driving by the cemetery and someone had a plastic skeleton in their car. People troll the Google Street cars all the time, so I had to look for myself. Here is what happens when you go to Google Maps at this particular location.

Magnolia Cemetery Google Maps

attachment-Screenshot 2023-06-26 103359

When you try to go up the road in the cemetery, Google Maps won't let you. That means the Google car never went onto that road. So where the hell did this photo come from then?

Just Search Magnolia Cemetery Katy, Texas

attachment-Screenshot 2023-06-26 104144

When you do that, click that "See Photos' button. That is where you can find the 360 photo uploaded by user Cromarte. Clearly trying to give someone a quick scare with a plastic skeleton. As much as I would like to wish skeletons are driving around a Texas cemetery, sadly it does not look like this is actually happening.

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