With fall college semesters starting up and more and more schools requiring vaccinations there is an increase in fake vaccination cards.

Fresh Mechanism and School Authority researched twitter searches and it turns out that Texas leads the list in searches for information on the false documents and Oklahoma isn't far behind.

Graphic Courtesy Fresh Mechanism / School Authority
Graphic Courtesy Fresh Mechanism / School Authority

According to their research the top ten states were:

1 - Texas

2 - North Carolina

3 - Oklahoma

4 - Nebraska

5 - Hawaii

6 - New York

7 - Maryland

8 - Virginia

9 - Georgia

10 - California

Interest in the fake cards is great enough that ABC 7 News in San Francisco reports that the FBI sent a letter to the CEOs of Twitter, Ebay, and Shopify asking them to take immediate action to prevent their platforms for being used to commit fraudulent and deceptive acts like the location and sale of fake vaccination cards.

The cards are reportedly selling for anywhere from $25 to $500 and many of them look legit. Some are even coming from people in the medical field.

This cottage industry has popped up as more schools and businesses are requiring proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test before letting you enter or attend an event.

Graphic Courtesy Fresh Mechanism / College Authority
Graphic Courtesy Fresh Mechanism / College Authority

Far from being a harmless prank or an act of 'gaming the system,' the possession or sale of these cards can lead to some serious legal consequences. An FBI spokesman told WFLA that the penalties can range from fines to even several years in prison.

With the arrival and recent upsurge of the Delta variant it looks like we'll be dealing with COVID-19 and its impact on our society for some time. If you get vaccinated, keep your card handy to prove it. If not, get ready for repeated testing or spending less time going out with friends.

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