Remember folks, don't just join a parade because you want to.

You know what, I've been in a few parades in downtown Wichita Falls and I got to admit. Very boring. Why you would want to willing drive in a parade is beyond me. It looks like 61-year-old Laurie Bostic REALLY wanted to be in the 4th of July parade in Rockwall, Texas. I don't know if she asked and was turned down or if she just decided to hop in on her tractor at the last minute.

Laurie got in the parade route and was going along when local police tried to put a stop to it. Three separate officers tried to get her off the tractor. She was able to get away from the three on foot, but a patrol car was right behind her. So she wasn't gonna get away. She would eventually crash into a fence a little further ahead in the parade route when she was forced off the road.

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Bostic was taken into custody and now faces charges of evading arrest, interference with a processional, disorderly conduct, and criminal mischief. Somehow I am shocked she wasn't not charged with driving under the influence. I would have assumed you would have to be on some substance to think this was a good idea.

Thankfully no one was hurt on the side of the parade route where Laurie crashed. I guess Laurie had too much red, white, and blue running through her veins and thought she could do whatever she wanted on the 4th of July.

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