A Waurika man is back in the slammer after violating his probation, and allegedly stealing items from a vehicle.

KFDX is reporting that Cody Weaver is back in police custody after he allegedly broke into a pickup truck at the Oyo Hotel on 8th Street in Wichita Falls.  Not only is he being charged with theft of over $2,500, but he’s also being held on five different warrants from other counties, in addition to his probation violation.   Weaver has a warrant for burglary in Comanche County, and four other warrants from Jefferson County.  He was also given five years’ probation for unlawful possession of a firearm last January.

Wichita County Jail
Wichita County Jail

Last Thursday, two men who were staying at the Oyo Hotel found that their tools, and a suitcase were stolen from their pickup which had been broken into overnight.  The hotel’s surveillance video found that around 2 AM, a white male wearing a black hoodie and a mask, approached the pickup truck after exiting a hotel room.  After using bolt cutters to break open the toolbox in the trucks bed, the man proceeded to rummage through the tool box.  He then walked off with several items, which he took back to the hotel room.

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When Wichita Falls police arrived to the Oyo Hotel, they knocked on the door that the white male was seen entering and exiting on the hotel’s surveillance system.  A woman, who the room was actually rented to answered the door.  According to KFDX, law enforcement found bolt cutters, tool bags, a suitcase, and a rifle in the room.  After Weaver exited the bathroom, and was taken into custody after he admitted to stealing the items from the truck.

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