Normally we ignore the pigs at the Westboro Baptist Church, since their protests at funerals are just lame publicity stunts.  But this time we can all laugh in their hypocritical faces.

After Steve Jobs passed away on Wednesday, a tweet was posted by Margie Phelps, one of the leaders of the church.  Her father is Fred Phelps, the group's leader.

Margie announced that, quote, "Westboro will picket [Steve Jobs'] funeral.  He had a huge platform, gave God no glory and taught sin."

And now, for the irony . . . underneath her tweet, it shows that she posted it using TWITTER FOR iPHONE.

That's right.  She's protesting Jobs' funeral even though she clearly uses his products.

Which just goes to show that these people don't REALLY care about anything other than getting attention.  If they truly resented Jobs, they wouldn't buy Apple products.  But they do.  Because they're hypocrites . . . and morons.

After the Internet exploded yesterday, laughing at her, Margie tweeted that the iPhone wasn't created by Jobs . . . it was created by God.  Which is a pretty stupid thing to say in its own right.