Is it a bird? Is it a plane?  Is it a drone?  Is it a…UFO?

A couple of listeners have contacted us over the past few days to report seeing a strange, silvery flying object just north of Wichita Falls.  The sightings have occurred between Daniels Road in Burkburnett and PPG on I-44.  Those who’ve seen the object said it moves slowly but steadily and no noise could be detected.

The object is said to not look like a typical aircraft.  One witness described it as ‘egg-shaped’.  We all know about the drone programs of the government.  And several law enforcement agencies across the country have expressed an interest in purchasing them, although no local agencies seem to be in possession of them at this time.

Back in December, the FAA announced it would green light six states to build drone testing grounds and Texas is one of them.  Could this be an explanation?  Not likely.  Texas A&M at Corpus Christi won the draw on Texas sites and that isn’t slated to begin for another year.

Have you seen this ‘flying object’ in the skies?  Comment in the section below!

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