In response to the new law allowing concealed handguns on campuses, a dean at the University of Texas has announced he is stepping down.

Frederick Steiner, dean of the Texas School of Architecture, has announced his intention to step down from his position with the university, noting his opposition to allowing guns on campus,

I grew up believing there was an appropriate place for guns and it was not in a place of higher education and higher learning.

Steiner plans to end his 15-year employment with the University of Texas in August when the law takes effect and return to the University of Pennsylvania.

Supporters of the law have called it critical for self-defense and constitutional rights, while others express concern over the law dissuading people from attending universities in Texas. University of Texas president Greg Fenves has also spoken out against the new law but said he must enforce it.  Fenves has agreed with others that the law could make it difficult to maintain students and faculty, with other deans admitting that the topic has come up while trying to recruit new students and keep graduate students.

Concern over the new concealment law has spread to other universities as well.  University of Houston has reportedly instructed staff to be cautious with sensitive topics and even consider dropping such topics from the curriculum, be cautious with angry students, limit off-hours student interactions, and meet with students by appointment-only.

via BBC