If Whataburger can’t bring us together, what can?

I’m not sure what led to high chairs and deep fryer baskets flying at the Whataburger off of Camp Wisdom in Oak Cliff, but I’m most certainly sure that I’m glad I wasn’t in the middle of it. I can’t imagine taking a deep fryer basket to the head. That would cause some serious damage.

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It’s not clear if the two women ever actually came to blows. The video starts with employees trying to hold their fellow employee back while she and a customer scream at one another before they start throwing stuff.

I know there are going to be those who question why the guys you see filming the fight opted to get their phones out and capture the action rather than call the police. Yes, that’s a fair question. But c’mon man – it’s not like you’re not watching the video.

So, take 37 seconds out of your day to watch the latest viral North Texas scuffle and thank your lucky stars that you weren’t a part of it.

As is usually the case, the people commenting on the video did not disappoint.

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