A Wichita Falls woman is one of only 15 in the United States to suffer a blood clot apparently connected to the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine.

Texoma's Homepage is reporting that 53 year old Tamara Graham remains hospitalized at United Regional Health Care in Wichita Falls after suffering a blood clot. Doctors think the clot is related to her receiving the one-shot Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccination she recently received. If true, she would be one of only 15 women in the United States to suffer this side effect.

Graham learned of the blood clot issue on Friday, April 23rd, the same day that the CDC recommended lifting the temporary pause in distribution of this vaccine.

After weeks of headaches following her COVID-19 vaccination shot it was an electrical shock that sent her to the doctor's office. Her doctor says that the shock was her body's way of dealing with the clot while the headaches were the process of the clot accumulating inside her body.

Her doctors first treated her with a blood thinner drip, and she's now on an oral thinner. While she seems to be doing well she is still at United Regional because her doctors are not sure how the situation will play out.

Graham says she took the vaccine because she manages an assisted living facility in Wichita Falls and wanted to do all she could to keep her residents and their visitors safe and healthy. When she learned about the clotting issues with some women she wasn't too concerned because plenty of other medications cause more issues than that. Now that she's one of only 15 out of nearly 7 million, she sees things from a different perspective and she gives great credit to the doctors and staff at United Regional Hospital for saving her life.

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