Every time I go to the gas station with my son Titus he comments on the smell. Most of us notice the gas fumes, but he says that he likes the smell! My wife likes the smell of steamed vegetables (which I think smell worse than a truck stop bathroom)! What's a gross smell that you actually like?

Reddit has a pretty good list of gross smells that a lot of people like.

1.  Gas stations or exhaust fumes.

2.  Dry Erase markers and rubber cement.

3.  Dogs, and their gross but comforting smell.

4.  Your significant other's body odor.

5.  A musty basement.

6.  The chlorinated smell of a swimming pool.

7.  The "after sex" smell.

8.  Horse and cow manure.

9.  Cigarette smoke.

10.  Indian food.