Downtown Wichita Falls was THE place to be Saturday afternoon and early evening with the first ever, Falls Town Food Truck Challenge and Festival and open-air wrestling matches presented by the Professional Wrestling Hall Of Fame.

Several food trucks were lined up along Ohio Avenue, vying for business and, of course, the Falls Town Food Truck Championship title – judged by professional wrestler, Hillbilly Jim! So many people showed up that by 7:00 p.m. several of the trucks were either out of food or running low on supplies. That didn’t seem to dampen anyone’s spirits as by then the wrestling matches were getting most of the attention, finishing the evening with the feature match between Short Sleeve Sampson and Prince Akeem.

Wrestlers were lifting each other up, throwing each other down, bouncing off the ropes and flying through the air to the delight and cheers of the crowd.

All in all, it was a great afternoon and early evening to enjoy the festivities centered at the Farmer’s Market downtown at 8th and Ohio.

The event was a benefit for Downtown Development Projects of the Wichita Falls Lions Club, in partnership with the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame.