When The Yard opened up in Downtown Wichita Falls in early summer of 2015, it seemed like a big success. People were excited to enjoy new foods, hear live music, and have a few drinks at the new food truck park at 703 Ohio Avenue, right in front of the World’s Littlest Skyscraper. They even hosted food trucks from out of the area and charity events.

Unfortunately, the good times seem to have come to an end. The Yard's Facebook page posted in July that they were closing down while they were looking for new bar ownership and management. They reaffirmed in September that they were still in the same position.


KFDX reports that Cynthia Laney with Downtown Wichita Falls Development has confirmed that the business is closed. She says that the company hasn't had any luck finding a new person to manage the park and run the bar and alcohol sales. The owner says it's too much work for him to do it himself.

It's currently unknown if the park will reopen again at a later time, or what other plans could happen in the location if it remains closed.

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