A Wichita Falls woman has filed a lawsuit against her neurologist, accusing him of using his position to pressure her into sex.

According to the lawsuit filed this past Friday, Dr. Daalon Braunde Echols "was engaged in providing mental health services for Plaintiff when he used his power, control, and knowledge of his patient victim to subject her to sexual contact and sexual intercourse that was wholly outside the course of any physical examination and ... medical treatment."

The plaintiff had been under Dr. Echols' care since February 2016 for neurological medical issues and a brain tumor. Dr. Echols then allegedly began emailing and texting the plaintiff lewd messages and photos that were submitted as evidence. According to the plaintiff, Dr. Echols told her she would feel better physically and mentally if she had a sexual relationship with him, which she agreed to, citing emotional pressuring. During their encounters, Dr. Echols allegedly drank alcohol and smoked pot, and pressured the plaintiff to do the same.

The lawsuit is accusing Dr. Echols of:

  • sexual exploitation by a mental health services provider
  • sexual assault
  • breach of fiduciary duty
  • intentional infliction of emotional distress

The Plaintiff is seeking damages against Dr. Echols for past and future psychological expenses, mental anguish, loss of enjoyment of life, and damages in the amount decided upon by the jury.

According to Times Record News, Dr. Echols was the only doctor the Plaintiff was able to see due to her fixed disability income and Medicare. As of Monday, Dr. Echols had yet to answer the suit.

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