Wichita Falls Psychologist Dr. Leon Morris was featured on Friday's episode of 'Dateline NBC', showing his work on a 2008 Albuquerque cold case.

In 2008, Brittani Marcell was attacked in her home in Albuquerque, NM, leaving her blind in one eye, deaf on one side, and having to relearn how to walk and talk. Unfortunately, Brittani couldn't remember the attack, so the police didn't have much to go on. If her memory loss was due to brain damage, there was no way of retrieving them. But if the memories were just repressed, there was a chance of bringing them back out. That's where Dr. Morris came in.

Dr. Morris saw Brittani for hypnosis therapy, trying to help her recall the events of her assault. With Dr. Morris' help, Brittani was able to get her memory back and identified  Justice Hansen as her attacker. Hansen was found guilty of the crime and this past July was sentenced to 18 years in prison.

Dr. Morris told KFDX that he only played a part in Hansen's capture,

I was happy to have a role in it. The truth is Jodi Gonterman, the detective, had the main role in it. She did a beautiful job of going after this guy.

The whole Dateline NBC episode can be viewed HERE.

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