Now that they're gone, I am craving them. That's always how it works.

Out of nowhere this week, Wendy's announced they were discontinuing the spicy chicken nuggets. When I would hit up Wendy's, I would definitely get an order of those bad boys. Spicy nuggets and a Frosty is always a good combo. The discontinued item is not nationwide, however.

According to Thrillist, the nuggets remain in a few select cities. Seven to be exact and three of them are in Texas. Austin, Dallas and Waco for the Texas spicy chicken nugget lovers. The spicy chicken sandwich is still available, but in my opinion is not the same.

I gave a call over to the Wendy's on Kemp and they confirmed my fears that Wendy's discontinued the nuggets in our area. I was kind of holding out hope that the Dallas area would include Wichita Falls. Sadly, no.

R.I.P. spicy chicken nuggets, hope to see you again one day.

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