I have tried several times to go to this place and now I have to try again.

First of all, I love ice cream. I personally like Menchies in town. Yes, I know that is frozen yogurt, but it's basically ice cream to me. I will hit them up for a late night cup on a cheat day. One place I have been hearing about is the Cold Creamery.

They do the rolled ice cream, which we used to have in Wichita Falls and it looks like it is making a comeback with this place. Also Stone Oven downtown now has rolled ice cream station as well. However, the Cold Creamery now has something special for Halloween.

It's basically a zombie taco. The gummy eyeball on top is a perfect touch. I will warn you. The Cold Creamery has some weird hours. So I would look before going. I tried to go before the Cowboys Monday Night game a few weeks ago and they're closed on Mondays. Tried to go during lunchtime on Sunday and they didn't open til 4. So be aware of this before checking it out.

All I know is, I am upset that Klondike for some reason discontinued the Choco Taco. It's nice to know I can get a WAY fancier ice cream taco right here in Wichita Falls. Hopefully I don't have a sudden craving for brains after consuming this thing. Check out the Cold Creamery off of Southwest Parkway in the shopping center next to Dollar General.

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