It's going to be getting hot and my favorite way to cool off is with an ice cold treat. Can't decide where to go? Spin the wheel and let it take care of it for you.

Today was one of those days where I had the A/C going after lunch and we all know it's going to get much worse. So I decided to think about cool and my fat a** always thinks of ice cream. However, I love all cool things. Snowcones, frozen yogurt, slurpees, smoothies.

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That is why today I have busted out an old friend of mine. The random wheel. We made one of these awhile ago for Wichita Falls restaurants. Today we're going with cold treats. Sorry to any place that is a sit down restaurant because I have eliminated you from the options. This is drive thru or get it and go.


Some weird options you may get if you decide to spin. Maybe one of the random local coffee places I added. Don't forget iced coffee  and many of those places have smoothies as well. Cumbl Cookies, that's not cold? Some folks don't know they have their own ice cream as well. 7/11 or Stripes? I love a Slurpee from 7/11 and I think Stripes does Slush Monkeys? Could be wrong on that, anything for that sweet brain freeze.


The last thing I want to mention, snow cone stands are tough. We have so many ones and I know I missed some. Did my best by adding as many from Google and the top of my head as possible. Give it a spin every time you need to pick a cool treat in Wichita Falls.

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