It's summer, we all want to have a water gun fight. This sounds like a water gun war. 

You may remember Jared Guynes when he broke the record for the largest nerf battle a few months ago. I was late to that party when the event was already sold out. So when I told you about it, you couldn't have been a part of history. This time, I am early and ready to bust out the old super soaker.

The current record I found online is 3,875 people. Jared Guynes and a lot of other Texans will attempt to break this record on August 6 in Frisco, Texas. The water gun fight will take place at the Toyota Stadium where FC Dallas plays. Plus your ticket also gets you $32 worth of FC Dallas merch at a future game.

If this sounds like fun, get your tickets early. The earlier you buy, the more money you save. The super early bird discount is already sold out. The next tier of tickets, which will go fast, is only twelve bucks. They will go as high at eighteen dollars the closer it gets to the date.  So get'em early and go grab the old super soaker for an afternoon of fun.